Monday, September 20, 2010

A simple aspect

We are about to enter a glorious time of year here in the midwest, Fall!
Everywhere I look, my eyes will come to rest on the handiwork of our master and creator, God.

For me, autumn is a time of awakening.
My senses are heightened.
The crisp, dew-kissed mornings are followed by the warmth of Indian summer afternoons.
The evenings smell of fallen leaves and fireplaces.
The softness of sweaters compliment the comfort of warm soups.
Apples and pumpkins, cinnamon and nutmeg. All doing their part to appeal to our senses.
And then, of course, there is the show of brilliant color; Amber, ruby and golden.

Even though I truly delight in this particular season, I also find myself awakened to a sense of urgency. I know that as breathtaking and comforting the season is, the long, cold, dark days of winter will follow. Try though I do to take comfort in knowing that winter was also designed by God, I just have to be honest and tell you something...I don't like winter.

I don't.

I'm cold intolerant (literally), don't enjoy winter sports or activities of any kind (well okay, I do like me some indoor hockey), and do not (NOT!) like darkness falling at 5:30 every evening. Clearly, God has a sense of humor, as I was born on the longest night of the year. ;)

This autumn, though, I want it to be different. Really. I have a vision and I hope to fullfill it. I want to turn that negative sense of urgency into purpose. In fact, I want it to draw me closer to the heart of my precious Savior, Jesus. The stage is already being set, as I'm encouraged by my dear sisters in Christ who are part of my Good Morning Girls group. How soothing to open several emails each day that point me in the direction of my goal. Wise women who love Jesus, sharing where they've been in the Word of God that day. Just brief glimpses into their quiet times, but a much greater glimpse into their heart's desire, to draw closer to Him.

I came across a method of studying scripture recently, that has given me fresh eyes for the passages I'm reading. I attended "Just Give Me Jesus" with Anne Graham Lotz several years back, and she introduced a similar method, which I have loved. If you would like to try a new way of approaching your quiet time, or just aren't sure how to approach it beyond prayer and reading, consider this simple "aspect" of being in the word...

A – About God – What can you learn about God through this passage?
S – Sin – Does it talk about any sin?
P – Promise – Is there any promise in the word?
E – Example – Is there any example, I can follow?
C –Command – Which command I need to obey?
T – Teaching – What can I learn from this passage?

I hope your transition into autumn is filled with an awakening of your senses too, that you will experience our Creator in the beauty of His creation. And if, like me, you find yourself experiencing an urgency about the brief (albeit beautiful) passage from summer to winter, may you also sense His desire to draw you ever closer to Him.

Come to think of it, long, cold winter days are pretty ideal for being still before the Lord and for cozying up by the fire with a good book.
THE "good book."

(For more on the aspect study method, go HERE.)

Live wise in Him!~Toni~

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  1. oh how i love autumn! the cooler weather, the fairs, the time outside sans sweat...sweet autumn! i used to love...i mean LOVE winter Toni. REALLY. now...not so much. the older i get, the more i hurt. ha!

  2. Oh I love the fall. Thanks for the description you gave-it got me excited for the start of autumn.

  3. I too LOVE Fall... and I love winter until after Christmas.. then it is hard for the blahs not to set in!!! Being a stay at home mom... you really start to get cabin fever!!! I think your goals sounds magnificent!!!

    Peace and Blessings


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