Saturday, September 10, 2011

False Starts

Oh my word, there are cobwebs on the blog. I apologize if you got one strung up in your hair just now. Thank you, if you've stopped by, for taking the time to visit.

We've had a bit of a false start to our schooling this year. If you don't already know, we've homeschooled for 7 years so far. My husband and I had decided that this would be the year we gave virtual homeschooling a shot. It's actually public school online. There were a few draws for us, things we had hoped would be to our children's benefit. What we discovered rather quickly, however, is the allure did not line up with the reality of implementing virtual learning for 3 students on 3 different grade levels. It was a good program, really (but for the absence of a Christian world view, which we highly value). Just not a good fit.

We withdrew our children and immediately ordered our long time favorite curricula: My Father's World, Math-U-See, Apologia Science, Daily Grams and Easy Grammar, Writing Strands, Spelling Power, and God and the History of Art. Ah, it feels good to be "home" in our homeschool again. This past week was our first full week (ending today; we homeschool Tuesday through Saturday) and we all enjoyed a return to the natural fit and flow of our days together. I'm so thankful that God redirected us.
How comforting to find Him, the Creator, mentioned in science. How wonderful to encourage my children to write to President Obama, to let him know that we are praying for his safety and the integrity of his leadership.

As for me, I'm in the last few weeks of a Beth Moore Study with some of the ladies from my church. I am so encouraged by Beth's teaching and have appreciated her biblical insight into my inheritance in Jesus. I will also be starting a study of 1 John with some dear online friends this fall, led by Courtney and Angela at Good Morning Girls. I read my bible first thing in the morning (6:45am to be exact), then use the S.O.A.P. written method of studying it (scripture writing, observation, application, prayer). Oh, how it encourages me when I start my days in the quiet moments of early morning, immersed in God's word.

Finally, we will be taking a family cruise soon and we're all looking forward to it. It will be the first time for our children and I can't wait to share so many of the experiences we've had with them. Let's just hope hurricane season is long gone. It's been pretty active out there and I'm sad for the folks whose lives have been directly impacted. I wanted to tell you a funny story about Hubby and his charlie horse at Goodwill last night, but that will have to wait for another post. It's dinner time and I hear Bob Evans calling. ;)

Live wise in Him!


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