Thursday, September 16, 2010

Any fall projects in the works?

The slow shift in the weather has sparked my desire to take on some fall crafting projects, as fall usually does to me. I enjoy crocheting. I've not been one to venture into wearables, mainly because I stink at guage. But I've done afghans, headbands, hair accessories, and such (goodness, my girls got a handful of compliments on their retro-styled crochet "worm" hair ties [HERE] when we visited a local amusement park several weeks ago.)

One wearable that I have attempted is a pair of Mary Jane slippers. Oh for sweet! They came out sooo cute and I wear them all the time in cooler weather. I've wanted to make a pair for my girls too, but there's that little problem of the stinking guage. I've attempted three times now to get it right, only to have a dainty slipper that would fit an NBA center or a 3 year old (neither whom I was intending to crochet for.)

But I'm not giving up. The Maryjanes are just waaaay to cute to throw in the crochet hook towel. So, I hope to start again this week, attempting to make Maryjanes for all us girls.

Is there a fall crafting project in the works for you? Do tell.
And do you crochet? If so, might want to give this pattern a little look-see.

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  1. I don't crochet, but I really wish I did. I like to sew, but sometimes it's a real hassle to get it all out and then put it away again at dinnertime. I'd like to try a few quilt squares this winter...we'll see.

    Would love to see pictures of some of your crochet work! :0)


  2. I don't crochet, but would love to see those slippers you did.
    I am planning on doing some fall decorating around here next week.

  3. Those slipppers sound absolutely adorable! I don't crochet either. I've done some sewing, but I haven't really given it must time as a hobby.


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