Sunday, January 8, 2012

My toilet paper stockpile

Okay, truth be told, I stockpile toilet paper. Now I'm not talking coupon-related (though give me a minute, I'm getting to that). I'm simply 'fessing up that I have a bit of a paper fetish and, yes, it includes good old twa'lette paper as well.

But in the past 9 months, I have taken on couponing as a way to carve out some pretty significant savings in my family's food and household budget. Today, I was able to hit a "stockpile price" on toilet paper. Here's the deal.

CVS has Angel Soft double-roll 12 packs on sale for $5.00 They also have a deal going where you spend $30 on certain products (Angel Soft included) and you earn a $10 gift card (note: this is even better than their Extra Care Bucks program because those rewards expire within a month and the gift card does not.)

So, I purchased 6 of the Angel Soft 12-packs, used six 50¢ Angel Soft coupons plus a $1.50 cash back reward I had earned from my last quarter of CVS purchases. Price was now $25.50. Keeping the $10 gift card in mind, th actual cost of the toilet paper was $15.50. This breaks down to $2.58 per 12pack (or, if you think in terms of 4 packs, then 86¢ per double roll 4 pack.)

But for me, it gets better. I also had another $11 in Extra Care Bucks so my out-of-pocket expense was $14.50 plus tax AND I got the $10 gift card.
Ladies and gentlemen, that is what we call a stockpile price. :)

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Live wise in Him!


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