Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome back, friends!

Brandon and all his "friends", as he calls them

Hiatus: a time for bloggers to claim that life was all busy to rejuvinate. I'm going to side-step the excuses and purpose to get back to writing for writing's sake. If you're here, thank you for reading and welcome back.

We're running around opening and closing doors at light speed these next few weeks, homeschool lessons and dance practice coming to an end, swim practice in high gear and Little League in full swing (no pun intended). We'll soon add horse camp and as many fun summer memories as we can pack in. I *love* this time of year. In fact, June is my favorite month of all.

Brandon, age 4, is such a delight to watch in baseball. I wish we could say we had something to do with his abilities and love of the game, but the fact is, we are the supporting role to his performance. When Brandon turned 2, we bought him a vinyl plush Mickey Mouse bat and ball. We figured cute gift, he'll toy around with it. We didn't anticipate that he would love that little set and ask his dad literally every single day to play ball with him.

And so it began. Brandon is now in his first year of Little League and, oh for sweet, that boy loves the game. He refers to himself as a "baseballer" and boy oh boy, a baseballer he is. God has given him timing, passion, and a great swing. He is proud of his efforts and we are proud of the little boy that he is, both on and off the field.

If you've ever been to a 4 year old baseball game, you know that it's 50% ball game and 50% comedy central. Oh, the things those boys do. Squat down in the middle of a game to fill a ball hat with rocks and dirt and put it back on their head. Race against and nearly tackle fellow team mates to get the ball. Lay down in the outfield. You get the picture. After this week's game, I can even add a few more to the list, like tagging a player out by launching the ball at him. Or fielding the ball and then following coach's instructions to "Throw it to first base!" by throwing it to second. Or my own personal favorite, falling asleep standing up at home plate (uh huh, did too.)

Whatever you're doing to transition at this time of year, I hope it finds you well in health and in heart. Would love you to "check in" and share what's on your early summer agenda.

Live wise in Him!


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