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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Teaching your little ones how to identify and write their numbers?
These little tricks have worked well in our homeschool, so for what it's worth, I thought I'd share them.

"Around we go, it's not an "o", but zero is my hero."
(we shorten this to, "Zero is my hero," as soon as my kids learn that zero is round.)
"A straight line down and one is done."
"Around, down, and back on the choo-choo track. Two! Two! Two!"
"Around the tree, around the tree. That is how we make the 3."
(a few of mine learned it better with, "One belly, two bellies, just like B. That is how we make the 3.")
"Down, across, and down some more. That is how we make a 4."
"Here's a back. Here's a tummy. Put on a hat and 5 looks funny."
"Down, around, and in like this. That is how we make a 6."
"Walk across and down from heaven. That is how we make the 7."
"Make an "S" but do not wait. Come back up to make the 8."
(If your child does not yet know the letter "S", you might show them how "S" looks like a snake, as seen HERE. Once they get the "S" snake association, you can draw a large "S" as you teach number 8.)

"A balloon and a line make number 9."
"One stands next to circle friend. That is how we make a 10."

Live wise in Him!


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