Friday, September 17, 2010

In the spotlight: RUN!

This past week, a group of us homeschooling moms began daily emails of encouragement and accountability regarding the need to be in the word every day. Our group has twelve women in it. While we have never met, we're all homeschooling moms who desire to be nourished by the scriptures, and we recognize that accountability and encouragement are tools to that end. So we formed a group to participate in the fall run of GOOD MORNING GIRLS. It has been SUCH a blessing to open up email after email, to see what each woman has gleaned from her daily quiet time with the Lord.

With encouragement in mind, allow me to segway into the fact that our bible study group once used a series by Ray Vander Laan.
Wow! Just,!
His teaching is powerful and I'm grateful that God has gifted him so.
He really knows how to present the Word in a way that is both convicting and highly challenging.
I'd like to share one of my all-time favorite clips featuring Ray.
It seemed fitting as I shared what my GOOD MORNING GIRLS group and I are doing.
I hope it leaves you with a sense of urgency, a new (or renewed) hunger, for the Lord. Be blessed and have a lovely weekend.

Live wise in Him!


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  1. So excited about our group! :) Have an awesome day! :)

  2. Okay...WOW!!! How is it that I have never heard of this man? I NEED to do one of his studies. What do you recommend?

    I have also been SO encouraged by our group and daily emails. Thank you for being a wonderful new friend! :0)


  3. one word: WoW!
    okay, another 2: Thank you.

  4. I'm happy about our group! Thank you for sharing the video.

  5. Whew... I'm a little slow on keeping up, but I am glad I found you again. Gonna go catch up some.



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